[Watch] Elon Musk Planning Wide Tunnels for Subterranean Container Transport


Elon Musk is reportedly looking into getting into the red hot container transport sector but from a typically different angle, says BusinessInsider.

Tunnel concept for containers

The Boring Company, which Musk founded five years ago, has developed a 6.4 m wide tunnel concept capable of transporting two lanes of containers. A recent article published on Business Insider elaborates on this.

Transportation Becomes Easier 

While most media coverage of Boring has focused on passenger transportation, it currently offers a freight solution on its website using a 3.66 m wide tunnel, which it says “barely” fits 9.6-foot-tall containers on a specialized transporter platform.

In the presentation for the larger tunnels, seen by Bloomberg, single and double configurations are shown with respectively sized battery-powered freight carriers.

Other freight loop concepts currently under development include DP World Cargospeed, a partnership between Dubai-based DP World and Virgin Hyperloop, based in California.

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Source: Business Insider




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