[Watch] Man Falls into Hold of Ship at Alabama State Docks


On August 24, mobile Fire-Rescue personnel extracted a man from deep within the hold of a ship at the Alabama State Docks, where he had fallen.

The injured man was in “a lot of pain” but was in stable condition as he was transported to USA Medical Center, according to MFRD spokesman Steve Huffman.  He had fallen an estimated 40 feet, he said.

The fire department responded to the State Docks about 7 p.m.

A crane onboard the ship was used to lift the man from where he fell and set him down on the dock.  He was then transferred to an ambulance, according to a series of MFRD tweets.

The ship is out of Norway and was loading rolls of paper, Huffman told FOX10 News.  The rolls weigh about 2 tons each, and the man fell between the rolls of paper, Huffman said.

An MFRD tweet shortly after 8 p.m. characterized the rescue as a “delicate operation.”  It read, “Patient about to be lifted by rope, then transferred into basket and then lowered to dock by crane.”

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Source: FOX10 News