[Watch] Unsung Heroes: Meet the Firefighters Who Save Others

Credit: Tim Eiden/Pexels

Volunteer fireman

The Cargo Port Coordinator team in Rotterdam is led by Mark Dame, who is taking our mission of “Improving Life For All” very seriously. Mark is a volunteer fireman who works nights and weekends, adhering to his personal ideals and concentrating on team members he can relate to. He is motivated both professionally and emotionally by the desire to be there for people in need, whether they are team members, members of the fire department, or family members. Mark can successfully juggle his job at Maersk, his volunteer work as a firefighter, and his family life if his work schedule is flexible.

Cargo flow security

‘My crew is largely active in the Service Fulfilment Organisation as firefighters. They oversee and participate in activities relating to customs and port authority, breakbulk operations, terminal operations, and cargo flow security. As a people leader, aiding and fostering the growth of my team members is what fuels me. I enjoy mentoring, coaching, and providing help when it’s necessary so they can advance within the company.’ – Mark Dame, Manager of CPC West  

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Source: YouTube