[Watch] Why Biofouling Is Important For The Aquatic Environment


The German Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, one of GloFouling’s strategic partners, recently released an animation movie highlighting the ‘invasive species’ problem and how it relates to biofouling and recreational boating in the Baltic Sea.

Major steps 

The film explains how non-native species are propagated by recreational boats and what steps can be taken to lessen biofouling. The German Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV) provided funding for this movie as part of the BMDV Network of Experts (formerly: BMVI Network of Experts).

Proliferate to pest 

According to IMO, the world’s oceans and the preservation of biodiversity are seriously threatened by ships introducing invasive aquatic species to new areas. Numerous marine species that are transported in ships’ ballast water or on their hulls may endure to form a reproductive population, become invasive, outcompete local species, and proliferate to pest levels in the host environment.

Ships are mostly responsible for introducing invasive aquatic species through hull fouling or ballast water.


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Source: Safety4Sea


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