Well Trained Merchant Navy Student Joins Terror Group!


Ships to Become Terror Targets? Merchant Navy Student Joins Terror Group!


Kuwaiti-born Ali Alosaimi trained on a Merchant Navy course in Britain reportedly joined the Islamic State, raising concerns of shipping attacks using his knowledge.

His details came to light in a cache of document leaked to the Mail, revealing he had previously worked for a Kuwaiti shipping company.

It is feared, but not confirmed, that he had access to information about vessels chartered to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

IS appears determined to attack the UK’s military infrastructure, be that at sea or online.

Alosaimi enrolled on a three-year course at a marine college in South Shields in 2011, although it is not known whether he completed his studies.  Defense experts claim the 28-year-old’s knowledge and training could make him a threat to the UK.

Former Navy chief Admiral Lord West told the Daily Mail: “This suddenly raises the specter of IS damaging shipping.  Someone with his knowledge opens up a whole new area where terrorism can take place.”

While the above being a news, as a countermeasure, MFAME recommends:

  1. All maritime colleges to maintain a mandatory personality check on their students,
  2. Shipping and manning companies to continue the personality check –  monitor a seafarer activity when he is on leave or at shore.
  3. Companies should adopt or entertain healthy culture/activity on board to protect their interest.

Do you think any other ideas or system could reinforce your company and ship’s security? Share it with us.

We believe there is some additional job coming up for the manning department of every shipping company, the ship’s security officer and the company security officer.

Share your views with us at: experts@mfame.guru

Source: RT


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