10 Hospitalised After Fire on Wind Turbine Carrier


On Friday, July 6, a fire broke out on a wind turbine carrier anchored at the Taurus Quay in Esbjerg.

What happened?

About 10 people have been hospitalized for smoke poisoning after a fire on the “Eems Dundee” at the Taurus Quay in Esbjerg in the morning of July 6, 2018.

The turbine welding work was in progress when the fire broke out.

Victims hospitalised

Several helicopters were called to the scene. The victims were flown to the hospitals in Esbjerg, Kolding and Aabenraa, in order to prevent overloading the Esbjerg Hospital.

Cause of the fire

The fire broke out when wind turbines had to be welded in the cargo compartment before the transport to Uddevalla. The ship was being loaded with so-called nacelles for wind turbines, and the big “heads” on the wind turbines should be welded to the deck so that they could not move during transport. The Sydvestjysk Fire Department quickly gained control of the fire, which developed fierce smoke.

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Source: JydskeVestkysten


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