11 Ways to be a More Attentive Partner



We all want attentive partners.  We are not talking about clingy partners, but rather the kind who knows when we’re not feeling well or remembers the names of our family members. There are some really easy ways to be a more attentive partner if that’s something you’re trying to improve upon in your relationship.

1. Get Off Your Phone

Putting your phone away sends the message that you’re there in the moment.

2. Be A Good Social Media Friend

Like those Instagram photos. Comment on the occasional Facebook post.  Retweet the super witty Tweets.  It may seem silly, but it will show your partner that you care.

3. Learn How To Listen

Being a good listener can turn an average relationship into a spectacular one.

4. Ask Questions

Just ask questions that show you’re paying attention and that you’re interested in their lives.

5. Make Note Of What’s Going On In Their Lives

You should make it your job to take an active interest in the day-to-day.  It’s the little stuff that often starts to create distance in a relationship.

6. Do More Things Together

The more time you spend together, the more chances you have to be attentive, to show interest, to be affectionate, and to get to know your partner even better.

7. Make Little Routines

Talk on your lunch break. Text each other to have a great day.  Talk on your commute home. Send each other YouTube videos of love songs on your coffee break.  Just pick a few easy ways to show affection, and do them every single day, without fail.

8. Get Into Their Interests

Learn about what they love so you can ask questions or buy them things they might need.  It will go a long way to help your partner to feel known and understood.

9. Buy Them Specific Gifts

Take your careful attention to their interests one step further and present them with a gift that lets them know you support their interests.  Those types of gifts are as romantic as they are thoughtful.

10. Pay Attention To Their Body

Show care and concern when they limp.  Have a gentle and caring regard for their mood and body.

11. Remember Special Events

There’s really no excuse for forgetting anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions.  Go one step farther and put in special other occasions, like a year at their job, the anniversary of when you got your first place, or their favorite pet’s birthday.

Master this stuff, as well as some good communication skills and some healthy trust, and you’ll be a shoe in for partner of the year.

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Source: Bustle


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