The 20 Worst Cities in the Universe for Air Contamination



The present situation in the World is exposed to highly contaminated air, arising out from Industry, Chemical wastes, and other toxic substances etc, which has a severe impact on human health as well as animals and other living organism in the universe.

Nearly 80 percent of public in town areas around the Universe are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution with risk greater in lower and middle-income countries, warns the World Health Organisation.  Contamination of air is the extreme ecological risk to life of human in the universe with a death rate projecting to three million people dying impulsively every year.

The highest levels of small and fine particulate pollution (PM10 and PM2.5) were recorded in South-East Asia and the Mediterranean.  According to the WHO, Onitsha in Nigeria has the highest levels of PM10 worldwide, followed by Peshawar in Pakistan and Zabol in Iran.

Infographic: The 20 Worst Cities Worldwide For Air Pollution | Statista

The level of PM10 in Onitsha is nearly 30 times the recommended level.  The chart furnished under shows annual mean micrograms per cubic metre of PM10 in the cities worldwide.

Source: Statista


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