2020 Fuel Regulations – Implementation Guidelines from IMO


This Technical Update  from the Viswa Lab catalogues all the information made available from the IMO (International Maritime Organization) in order to help the implementation of the 2020 fuel regulations.

Ship Implementation Planning Guidance

This has been developed by IMO for consistent implementation of the MARPOL regulations coming into effect from 1st Jan 2020. This will carry sections on;

  • Risk assessment and mitigation plans
  • Fuel oil system modifications and tank cleaning
  • Fuel oil capacity and segregation capability
  • Procurement of compliant fuel
  • Fuel oil change over plan
  • Documentation and reporting

This guideline has been finalized and sent for approval by MEPC 74 being held in May 2019.

Guidance on best practice for delivery of complaint fuels by Suppliers

This is intended to assist fuel oil purchasers and users in assuring the quality of fuel oil delivered and used by ships will comply with MARPOL requirements and for safe and efficient operation of the ship. This guideline will cover the range of fuel oil purchase upto loading of the purchased fuel on the ship.

Impact on Machinery & Fuel Systems

This section provides advise on handling various fuels such as DM, RM & the impact of these fuels on machinery systems.

FONAR (Fuel Oil Non Availability Report)

Already known.

Safety & Operational Issues relating to the use of 0.5% fuels

This covers stability & compatibility issues, cold flow properties, acid number, flash point, ignition & combustion properties, catfines, low viscosity & presence of contaminants/adulterants.

Link to the summary of PPR ‐ 6th Session ‐ http://www.imo.org/en/MediaCentre/MeetingSummaries/PPR/Pages/PPR‐6th‐Session.aspx

Dated: 14 March 2019

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