5 Last-Minute Holiday Super Gift Ideas



Here is a list of ‘the last-minute cherishable gift ideas’!

(Nobody knows that you bought it on the go! All that it requires is just a click of  your mobile phone to purchase)!

  1. Extreme experience:  For the thrill-seeker there are a variety of services that offer an assortment of extreme experiences.  Choose from skydiving , driving a race car , or hang gliding.
  2. Event tickets:   A StubHub or Ticketmaster gift card or e-gift card allows them decide on the concert or movie they like. Y ou can even opt to be that special someone who will go with them to that unique art installation.
  3. Netflix, Hulu or HBO NOW subscription:  Purchase your loved ones a streaming subscription to any of the channel.
  4. Spotify Premium or Apple Music:  Gift someone with a Spotify Premium or Apple Music gift card and grant them access to non-stop ad-free tunes.
  5. Yoga classes: Prepaid yoga classes will help them get a head start on their exercise routine for the new year.  There are plenty of classes available online, but you can also search for studio classes in your area.

Happy gift time!

Source: Time


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