Anchor Chains of Barges Entangled


On Jan 11, 2018, the “Baltimax” and “Caesar” were stuck on the Rhine, near Leverkusen at river km 705, after their anchor chains had got entangled overnight.

The mishap

Both ships had been moored side by side, and the mishap was remarked when they started to resume their voyages in the morning hours. The passing Rhine traffic was not affected. The work boats “Köln” and “Gereon” of the River Authority were called to the barges, which were stuck between the Hitdorf ferry and the freeway bridge.


With the deck crane of the “Köln”, the work started to unfasten the chains. One of the anchors could be recovered in the morning, but at midday the work was still going on. The police launched “WSP 6” to secure the site. After the chains were untangled, the “Baltimax” berthed at the Chempark Leverkusen at 2 p.m.

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