Barge Damaged in Allision with Bulk Carrier


On November 11, a barge reportedly suffered damages after alliding with a bulk carrier, the barge was heavily damaged.

What happened?

The bulk carrier ‘Mount Hope’ reportedly allided with a pier and a barge with was moored near the pier. The bulk carrier loaded with steel and was enroute from Tubarao to Bremen when the incident occurred due to a rudder malfunction.

Bulk carrier breached:

The bulk carrier suffered breaches to its hull and suffered massive water ingress and was assisted by the tugs to Niedersachsen Quay in Brake and the fire brigade will reportedly pump the water out from the vessel.

A crane started to remove the steel cargo from the cargo hold 1 which was flooded three meters high. The unloading process may take several days since the stability of the vessel should be affected. The leak meanwhile emerged above the water line so the water did no longer flood into the hold. The breaches were temporarily sealed with wood and other stuff.

Pier destroyed:

The Pier at the Brake port was heavily damaged and partially destroyed with about 100 meters of the pier was torn off and partially sank. The barge ‘Lee’ which was moored near the pier also suffered significant damages and is currently under inspection.

No pollution reported:

Fortunately, none of the crew members on both the vessels were injured during the incident and no pollution to the environment was reported. An investigation has been launched to determine how the incident occurred.

According to initial investigations of the water police and statements of the pilot the “Mount Hope” had suffered rudder trouble before the accident.

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Source: NDR


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