Best Quality Ship Award Goes to NYK Containership


The best quality ship award for 2017 has been awarded to the containership ‘NYK Lyra’ by the Japan Federation of Pilots’ Associations (JFPA).

Emphasis on safety

The Best Quality Ship Award was founded in fiscal 2003 with the aim of enhancing awareness of not only safe vessel operations but also the need for environmental conservation within our ports and oceans.

Comprehensive evaluation

Comprehensive evaluations by pilots were done for vessels that requested pilot operations at pilotage districts throughout Japan during the months of September and October 2017, and seven vessels were recognized for their excellent operations.

The ships were evaluated for their sure implementation of safety measures, sufficient training of bridge crew in Bridge Resource Management** directive and command systems on board the vessel, crew awareness for safe operations, and systems in place for easing cooperation with pilots.

The NYK Group will continue its efforts to ensure safe operations, positioning safety as our most important task.

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Source: NYK


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