Bridge Collapsed Into Canal Following Allision


On September 26, a vessel allided with a bridge located on the Van Starkenborgh Canal resulting in the bridge collapsing into the Canal.

What happened?

The vessel ‘Andamento’ was en route from Lelystad to Brake when it allied with the Paddepoelster bridge on the Van Starkenborgh Canal.

Due to the impact of the allision, the bridge broke off and partially collapsed into water so the waterway was blocked by the debris. A house adjacent to the canal was also damaged by the hard impact.

Vessel damaged

The ship also suffered damages on its starboard side bow and is being remotely operated by Rijkswaterstaat and is monitoring the local situation with cameras from the Oosterhuis. Collisions and near-collisions occurred more frequently since remote bridges have been served.

Investigation initiated

An investigation has been initiated to determine the reason for collision. No pollution to the environment was reported and no one was injured during the incident.

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Source: RTV Oost


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