Bulk Carrier Attacked, 10 Crew Kidnapped and Freed


On November 11, a bulk carrier was reportedly attacked by armed Nigerian pirates who kidnapped ten crew members who were subsequently freed.

What happened?

The bulk carrier ‘Venus Bay’ was reportedly approached by pirates on a speedboat who boarded the vessel when the vessel was about 23 nautical miles to the south of Bonny, Bight of Bonny, Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria.

The armed pirates allegedly broke into the bridge and opened fire, damaging the windows onboard the bulk carrier. The pirates also stole some of the properties belonging to the ship and also robbed the crew members of their cash and belongings before kidnapping ten crew members.

Nigerian navy rescues hostages:

The Nigerian navy was alerted about the incident by the Captain of the vessel and arrived to the scene of the incident. The navy intercepted the pirate boat and freed all the kidnapped hostages and arrested five pirates onboard the vessel.

With the assistance of Nigerian navy, the bulk carrier was escorted to Port Harcourt, ship’s intended destination and is currently berthed at Harcourt.

The crew members of Indian nationality were deemed to be safe and further information regarding the incident remains unknown.

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Source: Le Marin


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