Bulk Carrier on Fire


On July 10, a fire broke out onboard a vessel which was loaded with scrap and firefighters had a hard time controlling the fire.

What happened?

The vessel ‘Kuyou’ was enroute to Mallegat-North in Dordrecht when a fire broke out onboard the vessel.

The vessel was loaded with scrap when a fire broke out onboard the vessel.

Fire extinguished

The fire was extinguished after a long struggle.

The fire department, fire engines and fire boats were called in to curb the fire and shipping was closed in the port until further orders.

Dense smoke was released during the fire, but no dangerous concentrations of harmful substances were detected.

Investigation initiated

The smoke from the fire drifted towards the residential boulevard on the Mijlweg and the Wielwijk. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined and no injuries were reported during the incident.

Meanwhile, four measurement crews were monitoring the air quality in the area as a precautionary measure.

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Source: Transport Online


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