Cargo Ship Drifted Across Darsena Port


On November 13, a cargo vessel reportedly drifted across the port of Darsena after breaking away from its mooring due to strong winds.

What happened?

The cargo vessel ‘Lady Aziza’ broke away from its mooring in Ravenna and reportedly started drifting across the port of Darsena due to strong gusts of wind with speeds of 40-50 knots.

The vessel while drifting subsequently slammed into an adjacent quay and got stuck perpendicular to the harbour basin while completely blocking the entry of harbour with its stern hitting the quay on the opposite side.

Tows dispatched:

The Port officials have dispatched tow tugs to bring the vessel back to the port to be anchored while clearing the entry of the port to regulate maritime traffic.

Since 2014, the cargo vessel had been anchored in front of the Zucchi tower after being involved in a serious maritime incident and also after the ferry service between Marina di Ravenna and Porto Corsini had been suspended.

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Source: Ravenna & Dintorni


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