Cargo Ship Runs Aground to Avoid Sinking


On September 12, an Inland cargo ship reportedly ran into trouble after running into rough seas. It reportedly ran aground when it was on the verge of sinking.

What happened?

The Inland cargo ship ‘Helena Cora’ ran into trouble after leaving from Vissingen, the vessel was enroute to Antwerp when the incident occurred. The vessel ran into rough seas and mercilessly battered by waves.

Captain runs ship aground:

Since the vessel was heavily battered by strong winds and unruly waves, the skipper decided to ran her on sand bank to avoid possible sinking.

The four people onboard the vessel – captain, his wife and their two children were rescued were rescued by a pilot boat. As of now the vessel remains adrift at Kaloot, Vissingen-Ost, with tugs at her side.

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