Cargo Vessel Crashes, Sparks and Loud Noise Raise Concerns


On November 6, raised were concerned after sparks and loud noise was heard after a cargo vessel crashed on a islet.

What happened?

The Iranian vessel which was heavily loaded unexpectedly crashed into a islet near Hong Kong housing estate ‘The Touska’.

The vessel was enroute from Taiwan to Shenzhen. It reportedly strayed off course after hitting the islet.

No injuries:

Fortunately, none of the 28 crew members or any residents were injured during the incident. The container vessel left a fairway on the East Lamma Channel before running into Magazine Island, an uninhabited islet about 400 metres off residential estate South Horizons on Ap Lei Chau.

Residents alarmed:

The residents on shore were alarmed after sparks and noise was heard from the approaching ship. The Marine Department said it would launch an investigation.

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Source: South China Morning Post


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