CMA CGM has Increased its Holding in Ceva Logistics


Following the rejection of a takeover bid by DSV last week, CMA CGM has increased its holding in Ceva Logistics to 33%.

Increase in holdings

The increase in holdings was expected after Ceva rejected DSV and CMA CGM indicated that it was considering increasing its stake. The firm Ceva had freed the shipping line from a standstill agreement that limited its maximum holding in the 3PL to 24.99% and meant it could take it up to 33.3.%.

Under Swiss stock exchange regulations, a shareholder holding more than 33.3% of a company has to launch a takeover offer, but there is another standstill agreement between Ceva Logistics and CMA CGM that precludes this at least until next year.

Decisions to be monitored

A Ceva spokesperson told, “In addition, CMA CGM has agreed, under certain conditions, to not launch or trigger an offer without the recommendation of the board of directors in the next six months, other than an offer superior to another offer.”

However, CMA CGM did also today enter into a derivative transaction related to the shares of the company with cash settlement (total return swap) giving CMA CGM an additional economic exposure of 4.56% in Ceva Logistics’ share capital. This 4.56% was in addition to the 33% now held by the carrier.

Significantly undervalued

DSV’s unsolicited bid of $2.5bn last week – $1.5bn in shares and assumption of debt of around $1bn – was deemed to “significantly undervalue” Ceva’s prospects as a standalone company, according to a statement from its board.

Loadstar’s financial analyst, Mr.Alessandro Pasetti, suggested that a “fully fledged” takeover of Ceva by CMA CGM may not be in the best interests of the carrier. Mr. Pasetti said, “This is partly due to the cultural barriers stemming from typical carrier mentality – which seldom meets forwarders’ needs”.

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Source: The Loadstar


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