Why Eco Shipping is Vital?


  • Companies use fancy materials to sell their products.
  • But consumers are increasingly becoming aware of these hazardous materials and are opting for eco-friendly packaging.
  • The way out lies in opting for various environment friendly packaging materials.

In order to add more value to their products, companies try to make them look better by different fancy packaging which makes the product more expensive than its actual price. But consumers are savvier than they used to be and many of them only buy products that are packed with eco-friendly materials.

Although the amount of consumers that are taking this stand is quite low to force companies to rethink their marketing strategy, yet it has become essential to use environment friendly packaging materials so that the impact on the environment is reduced.

This article deals with the different kinds of eco-friendly shipping materials and how they can help to solve one of the biggest natural disasters of all time from happening.

Types Of Eco Shipping Packaging

Lightweight Packaging

Opting for lightweight packaging material is an environment friendly cost effective which can reduce the manufacturing cost to a great extent. Most water companies use plastic as the packaging material which is hazardous material. Replacing plastic with lightweight packaging materials will reduce both the manufacturing cost and the transport cost.

Recycled Packaging Material

Recycling is an essential part of the sustainable environment as it makes a sustainable product. Using recycled materials like recycled plastic, corrugated carton, steel, paperboard, glass can be easily recycled and used repeatedly without causing any harm to the environment.

Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

Over the years, scientists have been trying to enable decomposition of plastics which will reduce the harmful effects of the material. Using such biodegradable plastic for packaging purposes is the most viable alternative that can change the course of history in the shipping industry.

Recycled Post-Consumer Packaging

This type of recycled packing is what the consumer is able to recycle the contents of the product. Companies can do their part by labelling clearly what is and what is not recycled. By providing this information along with the best ways to recycle it can create the consumer awareness needed to help the world become more eco-friendly.

Natural Packaging

The natural packaging works by decomposing faster but having the required compostable required for product packaging. The best types of natural packaging have high strength, low absorption of water, zero additives, good compostability and no chemicals.


Thus we can make a huge impact if we become conscious of the packaging products that we use and take a stand against the use of hazardous materials. By opting for recycled materials for packaging of goods and using a proper waste recycling plant, we can make a positive impact on the environment.

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Source: Irish Tech News


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