Eight Cargo Ships Beached or Sank in Typhoon


On November 4, as many as eight cargo vessels were affected due to typhoon.

What happened?

The cargo vessel ‘Biển Bắc 16’ was among those eight ships the typhoon Damrey damaged, when it hit the south and central Vietnam coast.

Vessels breached or sank:

Out of the eight cargo vessels, two ships sank, others were beached, and two crew members died, 11 more were missing. There were on the whole 76 crew members on board the affected ships.

  • The “Fei Yue 9” was smashed onto rocks. Other ships were the “Biển Bắc” with 10 crew members.
  • The “Hoa Mai 68” with 11 crew members, the “Son Long 08” with 12 crew members.
  • The passenger ship “Jupiter” with seven crew members.
  • The “Hà Trung 98” with 10 crew members.
  • The “Nam Khánh 26” with 11 crew members.
  • The “Fei Yue 9” with nine crew members.
  • The “An Phú 68”, 1833 dwt, with eight crew members sank, the crew was saved.

Totally 72 crew members were present in all the vessels onboard the vessel.

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Source: VOH


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