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Rahul Wanchoo

lawofficeWanchoo Law Offices provides top quality, individualized admiralty and maritime representation to clients around the globe. From planning and advising to arbitrating and litigating, our firm can skillfully handle your case from infancy through appeal…….

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RAHUL WANCHOORahul Wanchoo 001

For the last twenty years, Rahul Wanchoo has represented a wide variety of corporations in resolving international commercial disputes. Rahul’s experience is focused on commercial, international and maritime disputes and is dedicated to resolving those disputes in a truly cost-effective manner.

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Ian Crutchley, Innospec

Ian Crutchley, Innospec

Ian began a technical apprenticeship in 1996 with diesel engine manufacturer MAN Diesel & Turbo.  Ian spent 3 years in the Design Department working predominantly on new engine design and development.   In 2002 he joined the MAN Field Support Department, specialising in on site diagnosis of operational problems and major engine failures, as well as site management for the installation and commissioning and snagging of a large overseas diesel power plant.

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Innospec Marine Specialties is the largest supplier of marine fuel treatments in the world. Their broad range of fuel oil treatment additives is designed to increase safety, optimise engine reliability, reduce engine maintenance and operating costs. Innospec has the experience, market knowledge, understanding and technical expertise to work closely with ship owners and their managers to develop specific additive solutions.  Innospec not only have the latest technology available, their team also includes the world’s leading experts in fuel treatment for the shipping industry. Technical sales activities on site are supported by comprehensive laboratory facilities which provide a full range of fuel oil testing capabilities. With a focus on industry partnership, product quality, expertise in research and development, application development, dosing systems and additive distribution, Innospec’s customers can expect the best fuel oil treatments available as well as unrivalled technical support and service commitment.

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How to Dose Additives When you have a Fuel Problem?

A ship’s fuel shall be of a good quality and it is not only supplier’s responsibility but also ship owner/manager’s responsibility.  A Poor quality fuel can render a ship unseaworthy and thus it is ultimately the ship’s engineers who suffer.  There have been cases in the past where ships lost propulsion and power, where engineers […]



Wolfgang Gensch

Mr. Wolfgang Gensch

Mr. Wolfgang Gensch has over 32 years of service experience with one of the leading Marine Engine Builder (MAN B&W).He joined MAN B&W in Hamburg, Germany in 1972 straight after graduation at Secondary School in Winsen/Luhe, Germany. In 1976, Mr. W. Gensch joined the Service Department, after graduation at State Vocational School of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Germany in Mechanical Engineering………

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What Could Have Caused Such A High Turbocharger Lube Oil Consumption?

Vessel Containership Machinery Turbocharger on Main Engine Damage/Problem High Lube oil Consumption Main Engine 12 L 90 GFCA Turbocharger Retrofitted from ABB to MAN Technical Background: The main engine had four turbochargers and all these turbochargers have been overhauled recently.  It was later observed that one of these turbochargers consumed more lube oil than others. […]

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High Exhaust Gas Temperature Caused Exhaust Manifold to Collapse!

A ferry with twin propulsion engine faced high exhaust gas temperatures on both the engines for many years, such as high that the exhaust manifold collapsed two times on both engines.  The ship staff were unable to identify the root cause despite overhauling many components and installation of new components. Damage Exhaust manifold collapsed twice. […]


Crankshaft Seized After a Diesel Generator Overhaul

Incident : Crankshaft unable to Turn after Maintenance Engine : Bergen Diesel KRG-6, 1032 kW, 720 rpm A vessel had a serious breakdown of diesel generators and it was to the extent that the entire engine required a complete overhaul.  The vessel was laid up to bring the diesel generators back to life and power […]


Can A Failed Auxiliary Engine Governor Cause Funnel Fire?

Incident : Funnel Fire Main Engine : DALIAN MBD – B&W 6S60MC Auxiliary Engine : No Information Vessel type : Chemical Tanker Location : Shipyard   What Happened: A Complete overhaul of the main engine was done and the auxiliary engines were started to bring the ship to live.  As the auxiliaries were started to […]


Engine Expert – Mr. Wolfgang Gensch

Mr. Wolfgang Gensch has over 32 years of service experience with one of the leading Marine Engine Builder (MAN B&W). He joined MAN B&W in Hamburg, Germany in 1972 straight after graduation at Secondary School in Winsen/Luhe, Germany. In 1976, Mr. W. Gensch joined the Service Department, after graduation at State Vocational School of Freie und […]



MPA presentation slides

Classification Societies as Tax Exempt Organizations

All major classification societies enjoy the status of being charitable organizations dedicated to public service with the stated objective of enhancing safety of life and property at sea and protection of marine environment.   Many of them have declared themselves as nonprofit organizations and have been granted Tax Exempt Status by many countries.  Tax exempt […]


Marine Bunker Fuels – Quality Concerns And ISO 8217 – Are We Moving Ahead?

It is not rare to come across poor quality marine bunker fuels even though these met the test parameters of the standard ISO 8217:2005 and /or ISO 8217:2010/2012.  Often marine bunker fuel are seriously deficient in quality, resulting in damage to ship’s machinery that too at a very critical time.  The user, that is, the […]


Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers – An Environment friendly solution!

Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers – An Environment Friendly Solution! Some environmental groups have issued statements saying that the benefits of scrubbers as a compliance route to regulatory requirements are overstated.  Spokespersons for these groups suggest that nobody has systematically investigated the impact of scrubbers on the marine environment before adopting this technique as a proper […]

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Cherished Moments: A Meet With The Then Indian President

Dr. AVUL PAKIR JAINULABDEEN ABDUL KALAM ( Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM ) lovingly called “People’s President” was the 11th President of the Republic of India from 2002 to 2007.  What was remarkable was that he never indulged in Politics and yet was elected the President of India with the support of all political parties – […]


David Kelly,

MCIM, Chartered Marketer, MIMarEST

David Kelly is the Director of Asia PAC for the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), responsible for the growth and profile of the Institute within the Asia Pacific region…….

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Mr David Kelly, MCIM, Chartered Marketer, MIMarEST

David Kelly is the Director of Asia PAC for the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), responsible for the growth and profile of the Institute within the Asia Pacific region.  A Chartered Marketer, David joined the Institute in 2012, where he spearheaded the development and execution of a completely reinvigorated marketing strategy which […]


Can Technology Enhance Maritime Training & Education?

We all understand the value of education and training, providing us with the knowledge to help start and build upon our careers.  Across all industries, if we don’t learn we can’t grow and I am a huge believer that learning and professional development never halts in one’s career and plays a huge part in the […]

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Suresh Godbole Phot

Suresh Godbole PhotSURESH V. GODBOLE,

Steam & Motor 1st Class M.O.T. Certificate, C.Engr., F.I Mar. E C.E.O Marine Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Martek Engineering Works, Marman Engineering & Shipbuilding Pvt. Ltd.,

Passed out from D.M.E.T. in the year 1961 after completing 4 years course in Marine Engineering between 1957- 61.Commenced sea carrier joining The Great Eastern Shipping as Junior Engineer. ….

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Mr Tin Tun

Fully qualified marine engineer officer, steam and motor,….



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Thinking Out of Box – to Solve Shipboard Problems!

A 15-year old ship had one of its genset’s engine vibration damper damaged.  It was not the viscous sealed type.  It used elastomer or rubber compound bonded to two steel discs and metal brackets with one disc connected to the crankshaft.  The rubber compound was failing.  The ship had only two gensets so the ship […]


A Layman Solved What Engineers Can’t – A Real Life Story!

When you experience technical problems and you are unable to fix the problem yourself, what do you do? If you are the Chief Engineer on board a ship, you have your Engineer Superintendent or Fleet Manager in the office to turn to for help.  They may advise you how to fix the problem or they […]

Prakhar Singh Chandel

Mr. Prakhar Singh Chandel,

Corporate Fleet Manager (Energy Efficiency),Bernhard Schulte Ship Management.

Mr. Prakhar started his sea career in 1989 as Junior Engineer and subsequently rose to the post of Chief Engineer. Quitting sea in 2001 to he stepped ashore managing various divisions of Ship Management.His first job ashore was as Ship surveyor with a classification society after which he joined Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement as Technical Superintendent…………


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All You Need To Know About The MRV Regulations!

Monitoring – Review – Verification Process (MRV) – (EU Regulation 2015/757) Maritime transport is currently the only industry sector not addressed either through the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) or the EU’s Effort Sharing Decision on CO2, but represents 4% of total emissions and is recognized as the fastest growing sector in transportation. After consultation […]


A Step-by-step Guide To Make Your Vessel Energy Efficient

Greetings readers! Hope you all have read my first blog on energy efficiency. In case if you have missed it, please click here to read it. So here is my second blog on energy efficiency. Before we come back and discuss the 6 steps (described in the previous publication) which can be taken by vessel for fuel […]


Energy Efficiency & Energy Conservation are not the Same!

The shipping sector faces unprecedented challenges from regulatory regimes to meet ambitious and zealous environmental objectives. Given its global scale, there is a need to bring in a voice of reason on what is achievable and how to go about it from those that will eventually be tasked to actually implement these goals. Viswa and […]

Aswin Atre

Peril From Pneumatics on Board

The important part played by Pneumatics and control cannot be gainsaid.  Erudite readers of this note no doubt realise proper functioning pneumatic system and controls is sine qua non for safe operation. This note, would like to highlight the laissez faire attitude towards this system by the operators.  Time and again, it has been observed […]


Fatigue And Its Impact On Seafarers

Fatigue among seafarers has been the cause of concern for a while now.  Those involved in the industry realise that one cannot brush fatigue factor away by commenting seamen are not tough as they were before. Regulating the working hours, and canvassing for the increase of Manning is being advocated.  If one administration is stringent […]


image001SVL Singapore services is a proprietorship company started in 2012.

Our engineers have a combined Marine experience of 72 years. We have extensive field experience with Ship owners & Ship Managers in Hong Kong, Singapore, India & Indonesia.

IMG_3495Our Chief Executive officer J.Rajagopalan has

  • Has an a Mechanical engineering & a Marine engineering degree
  • 12 years of sailing Experience to the of Chief engineer
  • 10 years as Superintendent, Fleet Manager & Technical Manger
  • 10 years as Vice President  

We have experience in Bulk carriers, Container ships, Oil tankers, chemical tankers & Gas tankers…..

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