Fire on Freighter in Harlingen


On July 9, a fire broke out onboard a cargo vessel that was docked in fishing port of Harlingen.

What happened?

The vessel ‘Marfaam’ was docked at the New Fishing Port of Harlingen when a fire broke out onboard the vessel. The vessel was enroute from IJmuiden to Harlingen when the incident occurred.

The fire is said to have originated on an aerial platform situated below the deck. Fortunately, none of the crew members onboard the vessel were injured.

Thick smoke emanates

The fire which erupted on the vessel caused heavy smoke which escaped after the hatches situated on the deck were opened for ventilation.

The fire service advised local residents to keep the windows and doors closed and fire department were quick to extinguish the fire. The vessel has been docked at the port for further ventilation.

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Source: Harlingen Online


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