First “Smart” Ship Debuts in Shanghai


On December 5, China unveiled its first ‘smart’ ship with natively developed intelligent navigation system in Shanghai.

Vessel specifications:

The ‘smart’ vessel is 179-meters-long, 32-meters-wide and 15-meters-high, with a maximum loading capacity of 38,800 tonnes. It is also installed with SOMS, a China-Developed marine system with autonomous learning ability and intelligent operation system.

It also possesses the ability to analyze real-time navigation and meteorological data, optimal route selection and alert the crew to hidden dangers in advance.

The vessel is developed by China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), Great Intelligence will be used by Sinotrans Shipping to transport coal and salt between China, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Smart technology:

Qiu Bohua, Systems Engineering Research Institute of CSSC said, “Great Intelligence will become smarter as it accumulates more data. Not only can it spot dangers and system bugs, it also can lower transport costs and raise efficiency. Technical performance of the ship has reached advanced levels, and it has passed official assessments by the China Classification Society and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping”.

Sun Feng, Vice president of China Classification Society said, “It shows that China has taken the lead in merchant ship design and construction,” said. “The smart ship has also laid solid foundations for unmanned ship development”.

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Source: China Internet Information Center


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