Greek Shipowners Call for Strategies to Eliminate GHG


The Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) announced that it supports the outcome of the forthcoming IMO MEPC 72, which agreed on, regarding the Initial IMO Strategy for GHG emissions reduction for international shipping.

The UGS called for an ambitious vision, to eliminate all CO2 emissions from international shipping in the second half of the century, or as soon as the availability of zero CO2 fuels and propulsion technology makes this possible.

“IMO Member States need to honour their commitment to develop, within the time schedule agreed in the IMO Road Map, an aspirational and feasible strategy and should not undermine the achievement of this by holding entrenched and/or unrealistic positions.”

The UGS also urged all stakeholders not to engage in polarizing tactics under the excuse of a purported environmental sensitivity, saying that: “The “divide and rule” approach that appears to be the objective can only fail. The record of individual states regarding their contribution to enhancing safety and environmental protection within the IMO proceedings is clearly manifested by their agreement to and adoption of a number of significant international regulations, some of which have already brought a more than 10% total CO2 emissions reduction in the sector between 2007-2012, although maritime transport capacity increased by almost 50% during the same period.”

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Source: Safety4sea


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