Green Lobby Says Air Getting Cleaner With LNG and Not Fossil Fuels


Environmental pressure group NABU says the air is getting cleaner as part of its latest assessment of cruise ships, reports Ship & Bunker.

Growing climate footprint

NABU released its latest annual assessment of the cruise sector’s green credentials. It renewed last year’s praise for the use of LNG bunkers despite otherwise heavy criticism for the ongoing use of fossil fuels.

Although the group acknowledges “air is becoming cleaner”, the reliance on diesel engines and heavy fuel oil by cruise ships operating in Europe means that the sector’s overall “climate footprint” is growing.

Fossil fuels produce enormous GHG emissions

The report said:

  • All ships fuelled by fossil fuels are producing enormous greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It criticized the sector for not fully embracing exhaust cleaning technology, despite being among the groups that called for a complete ban on the technology’s use within European ECAS.

Future for cruise ship

NABU’s chief executive, Leif Miller, said that suppliers flood the market with more giant vessels every year, all operated by fossil fuels and it is irresponsible. 

“Cruise ships can only have a future if they use zero-emission technologies,” he added.

European cruise fleet’s environmental step

The report did say that a small proportion of the European cruise fleet is improving its environmental performance.

  • Aida Cruises topped the air pollution rankings with its liquified natural gas-powered ship, 
  • Aidanova, with the LNG/HFO dual-fuelled,
  • Costa Smeralda also receiving a maximum possible score of four green propellers.

Environmental performance ranking

The ranking of cruise lines environmental performance has been expanded to include energy supply and propulsion systems. 

Listed for the first time as a separate category, this has allowed sailing ships and vessels using cold ironing at port to come to the fore.

No doubt worrying for LNG advocates, both Aidanova and Costa Smeralda received a score of zero in this “climate” assessment.

In all, 58 of the 89 vessels assessed were ranked joint last with zero marks in both assessments.

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Source: Ship&Bunker


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