Leaking Barge Caused Oil Spill


On February 8, a leaking barge reportedly caused an oil spill on the Elbe-Havel-Canal and measures are on to contain the spill.

What happened?

The oil is reported to have leaked from the barge ‘Claudia’ when it was transiting on the Elbe-Havel-Canal. The vessel was loaded with 1.000 tons of coal which was destined to be transported from Hamburg to Berlin.

Oil leakage

The barge developed a leak in its cargo hold and started leaking oil which was discovered during an investigation carried by the water police.

The barge was moored at the canal shore between Burg and Parchau at the facility of the Gilde Beton Company.

Cargo lighted

A crane lightered 150 tons of the cargo, and the fire rescue Burg located the leak in the cargo hold, so that the whole cargo would have to be lightered and the ship towed to a yard to patch the leak.

The fire brigade managed to contain and remove the oil from the water and traffic on the waterway was not affected.

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Source: Volksstimme


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