Lifeboat Launches During Repair With 2 Tanker Crew Overboard!


According to NBC12, the U.S. Coast Guard says two crewmen repairing lifeboats on an oil tanker were hurled into the ocean when one of the boats launched itself off the ship.

What happened?

On February 6, the crewmen were 70 miles (113 kilometres) off the coast of Chincoteague, Virginia onboard an oil tanker ‘Chemtrans Nova’ when it launched itself. A Coast Guard cutter that was 20 miles (32 kilometres) away rushed to the scene. One man has pulled off the lifeboat, while the other was pulled out of the ocean.

Crew injured

Both men were injured, one suffering a broken leg. Their current conditions are unclear. It’s unclear for how long they awaited rescue and the ship was delayed by five hours.

The Chemtrans Nova sails under the flag of Liberia and was bound for a Caribbean island from Philadelphia.

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Source: NBC12


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