Maersk Ukraine Predicts Slowdown Growth of Container Traffic Market in Ukraine


According to the Director General of Maersk Ukraine, Roman Koloianov, Maersk Ukraine expects a slowdown in the growth rate of the container traffic market in Ukraine next year, reports FreshPlaza.

Last Year of Active Growth

“This year will be the last year of active growth [in the container transportation market], since now we are still recovering after the fall in cargo traffic in 2014-2015”, said Koloianov.

“At the same time, the year of 2020 will greatly depend on the economic climate in the country. If investments are made, there will be growth. If there is no investment, growth rates will slow down significantly. To increase the volume of traffic, consumption growth is needed. And consumption depends on the economy.”

Maritime Transportation Increase Responsible for Growth

The expert believes that most of the growth in container traffic will occur due to an increase in the share of maritime transportation.

“As far as I know, the railway is now used with almost full load. Today, it will not be able to grow too much because of the limited capacity. Therefore, in Ukraine, the main flow of containers will still go through the sea,” Koloianov told

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Source: Freshplaza