Mary D. Hume Shipwreck in Gold Beach



The Mary D. Hume was a steamer built at Gold Beach, Oregon in 1881, by R. D. Hume.  The Hume was a pioneering businessman at Wedderburn and Gold Beach, then known as Ellensburg.

The Hume had a long career, first hauling goods between Oregon and San Francisco, then as a whaler in Alaska, as a service vessel in the Alaskan cannery trade, then as a tugboat.

She was retired in 1977 and returned to Gold Beach.  The Hume was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 1, 1979, when she was afloat and berthed on the Rogue River.

Repairs started in 1985, but an accident led to her sinking.  Efforts were made to survey and raise her, but there were no funds to make the effort.

In 1992 the Hume’s status on the National Register was reviewed.  The review concluded that her hulk still held significance and she was retained on the National Register.

Source: Wikipedia


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