MFAME’s Engineering Tip for the Week – Turbocharger Surging!


Want to know how a Turbocharger will surge?

Here it is – Watch the video below.

This is not something new for mariners.  Most vessels have diesel generators which cannot take up load more than 60 or 70%.  After which, the turbochargers start to surge, which can be due to multiple reasons.

Here is an interesting engineering tip offered by one of a very senior Technical Superintendent from a prestigious Shipmanagement company.

M/E & A/E turbo charger experienced heavy surging on increased loads and in calm sea.  For D/G – the nozzle ring was found very dirty, thick coating of hard carbon deposit was seen on the nozzle ring surface.

  • There is a trick for cleaning- never use scraper or pneumatic needle gun to break the deposits.
  • It would damage and/or affect the streamline surface of the blade.
  • Instead soak the nozzle ring in hot water with good amount of detergent (washing soap) and keep live steam for agitation.  If live steam is not available, hot water could be a substitute.  However, do not leave it overnight or for prolonged periods, as this could distort the ring or surface of the nozzles.
  • We have seen some ancient mariners use a box full of sugar with hot water – and within couple of hours the deposits got loosened up.
  • The deposit would become soft and it would be very easy to remove.
  • Clean/remove all the deposit by gentle scraping without any damage to the blades/nozzle ring surface.
  • Thoroughly clean, rinse and dry the nozzle ring and reinstall in place.

Most likely the surging would stop provided the all fuel pumps & injectors are working fine and power balancing is in order.

We thank the Superintendent for sharing his thoughts with us.

We are sure that many would be having such interesting tips to share.

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