Mooring Line Snaps and Kills Crew at Port of Longview


On June 28, a man was killed and three other people were injured at the Port of Longview after a line from a ship snapped.

What happened?

The Longview police said officers were alerted to the port, located at 10 East Port Way, after the incident.

A line which was tied to a ship at the port snapped in half after a ship tried to move along the dock to one loading hatch to another.

Man killed

The man identified as 34 year old Mr.Byron James, an International Longshore and Warehouse Union member was hit by the line, which is nearly two inches thick, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

He was present onboard the dock of the vessel ‘Ansac Splendor’ when it was being loaded.

Three injured

The chief mate aboard the ship was also hit and is in critical condition at a local hospital. Another longshoreman and security guard were hurt with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigation initiated

The United States Coast Guard and Washington State Labor and Industries have initiated an investigation into the incident.

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Source: KPTV


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