Mutiny on Cargo Ship, Captain Injured Off Odesa Coast


Mutiny on Cargo Ship Captain Injured Off Odesa Coast


On September 4, a Turkish cargo ship “Mehmet Unlu” underwent a mutiny off the shore of Odesa’s Yuzhny Port, reports say.

By midnight a brawl reportedly broke out among the crew in which the the captain appears to have been stabbed in a knife fight, reports say.

“Part of the crew (mostly Turks) caused a blackout on the vessel and then barricaded themselves in,” Stavintser wrote, adding that the ship’s captain had been seriously injured in clashes on the vessel.

Ukrainian Special Forces team ALFA was sent to storm the vessel, which freed the hostages and released barricaded people.  Two mutineers were arrested.  The vessel, until freed, she was held under control and prevented from running aground by tugs.

The “Mehmet Unlu” was located about five kilometers off the Odesa Oblast coastal town of Chornomorske.

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Source: KyivPost


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