Why do they Need 42 Condoms per Rio Athlete?



Why do they need 42 condoms per Rio athlete?

Seventeen days, 10,500 athletes, 33 venues, and 450,000 condoms.  Welcome to the most promiscuous Olympics in history.

The Olympics hasn’t even arrived but it’s already broken a record.  The provision of 350,000 condoms, 100,000 female condoms and 175,000 packets of lubricant for Rio’s Olympic Village – the usual mix of ripped athletes, condos, shops, bars, clubs and, erm, McDonald’s – is three times higher than the London 2012 allowance of 150,000 condoms, which prompted tabloids to dub it “the raunchiest games ever”.

Do the math and it equates to 42 condoms per athlete, reports say.

So why do they need 450,000 condoms?

The record-breaking allocation for Rio is reported to be so high because female condoms are being given away for the first time.  The Zika virus, which has spread across Brazil and dominated Olympic discussions, is not being given as a reason but British athletes have been issued with key guidance and the Australian team will arrive armed with antiviral condoms to provide extra protection.

The number of distributed condoms has been steadily increasing over the years, from the figures in the same piece.

Seoul, 1988: 8,500

Barcelona, 1992: 90,000

Atlanta, 1996: 15,000

Sydney, 2000: 70,000 (+ 20,000 more)

Athens, 2004: 130,000

Beijing, 2008: N/A

London, 2012: 150,000

Rio, 2016: 450,000

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Reference & Source: For The Win


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