NYK Releases Partial Findings in Study on Avoiding Collisions


On December 28, NYk and NYK group companies MTI Co. Ltd. and Japan Marine Science Inc. have unveiled a partial study on how to avoid collisions, judging risks and operation of autonomous vessels.

The representatives from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK), and three partner manufacturers were in full attendance when the study was revealed.

Study highlights:

The concerned study was selected by MLIT for its “2016 Support Projects for R&D in Advanced Safety Technology of Vessels”. The study included the following:

  1. Functions to facilitate judgement related to avoiding risk of collision with other vessels;
  2. Remote operations by land operators;
  3. Devices related to AR (augmented reality)** of nautical instrument information.

The study aimed to pursue safe operations and to reduce the workload allocated to the officers.

Data accumulation:

The data accumulated during the simulation was successful in creating experienced captain. The NYK is intending to develop certain functions to facilitate judgement related to avoiding risk of collision.

The large ship simulator located at the Japan Marine Science Inc. the data accumulated by the simulator has been successful in training and imparting experience to captains of large merchant vessels avoid the risk of collision, and then the data is digitized.

The officers are usually the crucial ones who make a prediction and judgement of the risk of collision based on their personal experience. The large set of data will help them judge risk and prevent collisions.

Ship digitalization:

The NYK Group has also been planning to boost the vessel digitalization process by taking advantage of promising collaborations that make good use of the company’s operational expertise, analyses, and networks, and strive to enhance transport safety further.

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Source: NYK


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