Oil Tanker Explodes Off Mukah


On 13th march, two people were severely injured after an explosion onboard an oil tanker in Tanjung Manis.

What happened?

The oil tanker was docked at the port, and was undergoing maintenance work when it exploded severely injuring two people including the captain of the vessel.

Crew members uninjured

There were fifteen crew members onboard the vessel and five workers from a maintenance company when the incident occurred.

The explosion tore apart the tanker’s upper deck.

Firefighters deployed

The crew members alerted the firefighters and the paramedics who rushed to the scene of the explosion.

Sarawak Zone 4 Fire and Rescue Department chief, Misran Bisara said, “Thirteen firemen from the Tanjung Manis and Sungei Merah stations were deployed to the scene, with two engines and an ambulance”.

Investigation launched

An initial investigation into the incident showed that the tanker was used to ferry petrol.

However, it had been emptied of its cargo when the maintenance works were underway for safety reasons.

He further added, “We are not discounting the possibility that the explosion was triggered by sparks from the maintenance work reacting to remnants of gas or vapour from the cargo hold. We have run through safety inspections and ventilated the vessel to ensure that all hazardous fumes are dispersed”.

The injured were shifted to Shibu hospital for further treatment.

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Source: Yahoo News Singapore


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