Oil Tanker Runs Aground Off Milos


On September 19, a Greek-flagged oil tanker ran aground in the shallow waters at the beach of Kanavas, Milos.

What happened?

The Greek-flagged oil tanker ‘Fres’ ran aground in shallow waters at the beach of Kanavas while it was trying to dock at the pier. The ground incident occurred in the shallow waters off the Island of Milos.

Loaded with fuel oil

The oil tanker was loaded with 1,000 tons of fuel oil and en route from Lesvos to Milos when it ran aground.

The sixteen crew members present onboard the tanker were reported to be safe.

No pollution reported

Since the tanker was not damaged during the grounding incident, no oil leaks were reported.

A coast guard vessel and a ship tasked with cleanup operations are on their way to inspect the tanker.

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Source: 20 Minuten


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