Personal Flotation Device Usage


What Happened / Narrative:

During the routine transfer of a bulk hose between a vessel and the quayside it was noted that the shore bulk Plant Operator was working close to the edge of the quayside but was not wearing a personal Floatation Device (PFD). The job was stopped and the Plant Operator requested to go and get a PFD before continuing the work.

A few minutes later the Plant Operator returned ‘wearing’ a PFD which he had put on back to front and upside down. It was also unsecured.

Why Did it Happen / Cause:

When questioned, the Plant Operator advised that he had never worn a PFD before and didn’t know how to wear one as he had never been shown.

Health & Safety law requires the employer to provide suitable protective equipment and ensure that the employee is familiar with its use.

Corrective Actions Taken / Recommendations:

The job was immediately stopped as it was noted that the PFD was being worn incorrectly.

The Plant Operator was given instruction on how to correctly wear the PFD and the job then continued safely.

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Source: Marine Safety Forum


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