Problem Fuels Supplied In Russian Ports



In the last 3 months, 4 cases of problems fuels causing damage to machinery have been reported.  These fuels have been bunkered in the ports of

  1. Nakhodka,
  2. Vladivostok,
  3. Slavyanka and
  4. Vostochny.

The problems appear similar with reference to Generators.  Most generator fuel pumps and fuel valves have been damaged. With regard to main machinery, problems have been encountered with injection valves/fuel valves.  However, no damage has been reported on main engine cylinders/piston rings etc.

Please take all adequate care.  Viswa Lab conducted a detailed investigation and determined the cause which was admitted to be a problem in the refinery that supplied the fuel.  If you face any problems in the machinery when using Russian bunker fuels or if you intend to bunker at Russian ports, please feel free to contact Viswa Lab for more details.

“A Stitch in Time saves nine!”

Source: Viswa Lab


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