Propeller Damaged on Rocks


On June 29, a vessel’s propeller was damaged after it collided on the rocks in the Cape Jervis harbour.

What happened?

The vessel ‘James Cowell’ damaged its propeller on rocks in the Cape Jervis harbour. The vessel had transited through the narrow harbour entrance on its regular evening service and the captain of the vessel was ready to start the berthing process. A fault in the electronic engine management system was thought to have caused the engine failure.

however, during the berthing process the starboard engine failed as the skipper selected reverse causing the vessel to veer to the left as it was reversing and it came into contact with an underwater rock on the harbour breakwater. By the time the skipper restarted the engine, the propeller struck rocks and sustained damages.

Vessel out of service

None of the crew members were injured and the vessel sustained only propeller damages. However, the vessel will be out of service until the propellers are fixed. There were no passengers on board the vessel during the time of the incident.

The vessel was able to proceed back to its permanent berth at American River. The ferry will be berthed in Adelaide for further repairs and the KI Connect service will resume in September.

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SourceVessel Tracker


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