Protecting Ships from Drone Attacks


Vessel owners should invest in an anti-drone defence system for their ships to prevent attacks from unmanned aerial vehicles, reports Marinemec.

Proactive drone security

Ovit Innovation Security demonstrated its drone early warning system at the Posidonia exhibition in Athens, Greece, last week. Ovit chief operations officer Konstantinos Drivas explained how this security system can detect incoming drones up to 7 km away.

It can track the flight path of a drone and reveal the location of the pilot within this range. “Our system can find the human factor behind the drone,” Mr Drivas said.

“A drone detection umbrella goes over the vessel and will alert if one is close to the vessel, then an owner can activate countermeasures,” he explained to Marine Electronics & Communications.

Disengage the drones

The countermeasures include GPS jamming to disrupt the pilotage of the drone. All alerts and video capture of drone threats are automatically recorded and catalogued. These can then be exported to share with law enforcement authorities if required.

A must for Commercial shipping

Mr Drivas explained that mega yacht owners are already investing in these anti-drone systems, with each one costing around €12,000 (US$14,000).

He thinks commercial shipping should also consider drone detection systems. “Imagine that a drone could land on a tanker and the owner gets a call from the pilot who says there is explosive on the drone,” Mr Drivas asked.

Ovit Innovation Security  claims says that, “Our system can prevent that from happening and the culprit can be found.”

This uses radio frequency up to 6,000 kHz to detect flying objects around a vessel.

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Source: Marine Electronics & Communications


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