Red Tide – Looks Stunning But Dangerous


One of the vast and overwhelming subject is Ocean.  Sailors experience and witness enormous mysteries under the water, all around the world.  Experts have analysed the top 10 uncovered phenomena.  Red tide is one among them.

Red tide, a common name for an algal bloom, is an event in which marine water or fresh water algae accumulates rapidly changing the surface watercolor into a red.  Found in Coastal areas, this ocean phenomena takes place mostly in summer. Watch the video for the stunning red tides.  Even though it looks stunning to watch, it is very dangerous to marine animals and organisms.  It is dangerous to birds and humans as well.

Researchers have now phased out red tides for the following reasons:

  • The occurrence needn’t have the red color in specific, discoloration is possible.
  • They aren’t related to movements of the tides.
  • The term is used to refer a wide variety of algae species.


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