Reduce the Risk of Ship Detentions


As a part of ECDIS compliance by national hydrographic office and chart producer, the ship owners can now reduce the risk of vessels being detained.

Revised edition:

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has currently published a revised edition of the Admiralty electronic navigational chart (ENC) and ECDIS maintenance record (known as NP133C). This publication is designed to help mariners demonstrate compliance with IMO regulations during port state control inspections.

The regulation comes with updated easy to use checklist and templates to record ECDIS annual performance checks and software maintenance.

Maintain crew records and cyber risk:

These records also serves to provide guidance to help bridge crew records and manage cyber risk. This update is in line with IMO guidance for incorporating cyber risk management systems before January 2021. NP133C has been revised to help mariners achieve this by providing a checklist to document threats and procedures to mitigate risk to ships.

UKHO head of OEM support and digital standards Thomas Mellor said, “NPC133C is used by users of the Admiralty Vector Chart Service. Shipping’s regulatory landscape is constantly changing and these important revisions to the ENC maintenance record reflect that shifting picture”.

He further added, “Mariners need to be able to accurately and efficiently follow and record ENC and ECDIS management processes on the bridge. This can make the difference between passing an inspection and being found in breach of regulations, with the significant impact that this can have for the vessel and voyage, including potential detention in port”.

Regular tidal updates:

The UKHO has introduced a regular tidal data updates to its Admiralty TotalTide service, which is a part of Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP). TotalTide helps mariners to make accurate tidal height and tidal stream predictions for more than 7,000 ports and 3,000 tidal streams worldwide.

UKHO can send new tidal data to mariners through TotalTide on a more frequent basis instead of annual updates. UKHO has also added its Admiralty e-Nautical Publications updates on to the Admiralty digital publications weekly update disc, increasing the frequency with which this data reaches the mariner.

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Source: Admiralty


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