Runaway Tanker Wreaked Havoc


On January 2, a tanker reportedly allided with a wharf and other boats that were positioned near a market road on the Yangon River.

What happened?

The tanker ‘Au Virgo’ wreaked havoc on the Yangon river where it allided with an NGJ wharf and several boats that were stationed near the Strand market in the morning hours.

The tanker was loaded with palm oil and reportedly lost its stability when it started navigating through the wrong path. The tanker docked near Sinmalaik jetty but after a short while started drifting along the Yangon River in Myanmar.

Wreaks havoc:

The vessel started drifting towards the crowded market area where people started running for shelter before the tanker was brought under control.

The tanker allided with a NGJ wharf and several boats that were stationed before its control was regained. A small wooden boat valued to be around K500,000 was damaged and sunk in the river.

Fortunately, no one were injured during the accident and no pollution to the river was reported. Until now, no investigation has been initiated to look into this incident.

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Source: Coconuts


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