Sailing Ships that Disappeared Long Ago Found


As seen from the photographs taken by underwater drones which were deployed in search of missing the malaysian Airlines Flight 370, in the location where two sailing ships that disappeared during the the 19th century were discovered, reports the Western Australian Museum

Coal Ship Wreck

Experts from the Western Australian Museum have analysed the images, and believe they’ve identified the were of a coal ship.

  • One is believed to be the brig W Gordon, which disappeared in 1877, or the barque Magdalam, which disappeared in 1882.
  • The other is likely to be the barque West Ridge, which sank in 1883.
  • Both ships might have had between 15 and 30 men as crew, and it’s possible the families of the captains would have sailed on board too.

Reason for sinking

“The evidence points to the Gordon ship sinking as a result of a catastrophic event such as explosion, which was common in the transport of coal cargoes,” the museum’s maritime archaeology curator Ross Anderson told WAtoday.

“One very interesting find was a large rectangular metal object of 6m in length, which was the biggest feature discovered on the site. This was identified as a ship’s iron water tank.”

“Then, as now, the disappearance of so many lives would have had a devastating impact on maritime families and communities,” Mr Anderson told WAtoday.

Also, another two trawlers which sank in the 20th century were also found.

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Source: Western Australian Museum


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