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We live in a complicated world. For a long time, journalism was a noble profession and truth was the core virtue of journalism. Currently, with misinformation and fake news, even the sanctity of journalism is gone. Similarly, it is difficult to present an image however sincere and truthful it may be. There are always a lot of people who can prevaricate truth just because it fails to meet with their perception. Usually perception is associated with likes and dislikes. If you like a person you can only see the good points about him and similarly if you dislike a person you would only see the dark side of him.

We have always believed that Viswa Group is dedicated, sincere and not driven by profit motive. Even now a very large number of people in the marine field subscribe to this point of view about the Viswa Group. However, since they entered the scrubber line, there is a mis perception in the minds of some about the Viswa Group. I would like to think that this mis perception arises out of largely mis understanding. It is important to reiterate the driving motive force behind the growth of Viswa. The central objective, the “Why” of Viswa activities has always been and it will continue to be the welfare and problem support of the ultimate fuel users in the marine field. This is our core business. 

Scrubbers are also a part of this area of concern. We do not want either the shipstaff or the general public to be affected by the consequences of sulfur emissions. Scrubbers help to eliminate these emissions from the atmosphere. This again is an act of public good. Viswa’s entry into the scrubber field has to be viewed in the same light. 

Let me state some relevant facts. The scrubber business has not any positive income. An enormous amount of monetary and physical resources have been spent to develop a new scrubber of horizontal design which will make the job of the shipboard engineers easier. This new design won awards internationally. However, because we moved from a service-based industry into a manufacturing industry, there have been many challenges. Employees have been overworked and have faced stress almost on a continuous basis. Of course, we have been learning and we don’t expect this to continue forever. However, the fact remains that this scrubber business has not been a bed of roses, it has not been a low hanging fruit of huge profits that can be plucked and easily eaten. The single driving motive force has been to produce a scrubber of new design and improve the lives of the people on the ship and on land giving them freedom from having to breathe sulfur laden air. It is also a challenge to design and manufacture a scrubber which will be no way inferior to anything available in the global market. This is an expression of pride that Viswa Group can achieve the level of success it attained in the core business. This is the truth. 

Viswa Lab’s focus on the core business which is testing of marine fuels has never wavered. We have brought out a 95 page publication on “Problem fuels and GCMS” earlier this year and just released a 420 page “Compendium on 2020 Fuels”, identifying problems and finding solutions. Fuel related issues will always command priority attention from the Viswa Group.

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