Seal Hitching a Ride on the Front of a Ship


THIS dopey seal took time out for a power nap as it hitched a ride on a ship.

The mammal was spotted snoozing on the ship’s bow as it headed to Melbourne, Australia on Monday.


The seal was spotted on a ship headed to Melbourne, Australia

The seal was hitching a ride up the Yarra river, according to 7 news Melbourne.

The ship was headed for the harbour.

It’s not the first time a seal has been spotted there.


This seal was spotted in West Lothian trying to climb aboard a kayak

In 2016 there were dozens of reports of a massive fur seal, which came to be known as Salvatore, taking up residence there.

Cheeky seals have been known to steal a ride across the pond, too.

In one instance a kayaker in West Lothian captured the moment cheeky seal tried to get aboard.


The cheeky seal makes eyes at the kayaker taking a snap

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Source: The Sun


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