Ship Sinks After Collision Off Chiba Prefecture, 2 Missing and 1 Reported Dead


According to an article published in the Japan Times, divers found one man inside a cargo ship that sank in the Pacific Ocean off eastern Japan.

What happened?

On May 28, the divers resumed a search for missing crew members with the hope that survivors may be discovered after noises believed to be coming from the ship were detected.

Two crew members remain missing and the condition of the discovered man was not immediately known.

The 499-ton Sensho Maru sank to the seafloor at a depth of about 30 meters after colliding with another 499-ton cargo ship, the Sumiho Maru, about 12 kilometers off Inubosaki, Chiba Prefecture, early Sunday.

One confirmed dead

The four crew members on the Sumiho Maru, based in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, escaped the incident safely. The body of one of the crew members of the Sensho Maru, based out of Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, was found inside the submerged ship Sunday and confirmed dead. The captain of the vessel was rescued.

Two sailors rescued

According to the local coast guard office, a faint knocking sound was heard from the Sensho Maru on Monday after a diver struck the vessel’s hull with a hammer while searching the crew quarters.

The coast guard will investigate whether the sound was made by a missing crew member, it said. The ship is resting on the seafloor on its left side.

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Source: JapanTimes


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