Shipwreck Removed and Berthed in Perama


On January 2, a barge with a wrecked ship that had capsized in 2012 was removed and has berthed in Perama, waiting for its cargo to be removed.

What happened?

The barge ‘Atlantis 1’ was involved in lifting the wreck of the vessel ‘Gerasimos’ upon its deck and was the vessel is currently berthed in Perama, Piräus, waiting for the removal of its cargo.

On March 1, 2012, the vessel ‘Gerasimos’ capesized with about 1,000 tons of ore, at the quay in the port of Platyliali Astakos.

Wreckage site cleaned:

After five years an International tender was flouted, the Spanopoulos Group was commissioned to lift and remove the shipwreck and also to clean up the sinking site.

The group commissioned the demolition barge ‘Atlantis’, the sheerleg ‘Ignatios X’. the tug ‘Christos XXII’ and an auxiliary craft to lift the wreckage. The group had also taken precautionary measures to install floating dams around the wreckage to contain any pollution.

Wreckage lifted:

The demolition barge was moored perpendicular to the length of the wreckage and ballast water was pumped into its tank to stabilise it for lifting operation. After successful loading the wreckage on the sunken barge and floating crane. The barge was gradually lifted to the surface of the water and safely fixed on the barge deck.

It was moved from Platygali terminal of Astakos port to the Spanopoulos yards in Ampelakia, Salamis where it is currently berthed for further demolition.

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SourceSpanopoulos Group


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